Get the bonus that differentiate you to others and become a referent

What can you do with augmented reality?

Whatever comes to mind....

Augmented reality is an interaction that we can

generate between an intelligent device

(smartphone or tablet) and something real, like

a wall, a piece of paper, a painting, signs,

buildings. etc 

These interactions between the real and the

virtual world can give unlimited variations of

possibilities related to communication.

Among some examples we can mention, are

the clothing tags with videos, links, even try on

the garment without even wear it.

You can also place an ad in a magazine, say for

example the real estate market, you can make

a 360 pan of a house, a to-call- phone button or

write a mail to contact the real estate office.

We can go on naming many more examples to

implement enlarged reality in different 

situations of life, but better, let us know what

you have in mind.



Created by Patricio Puleio